July 30, 2014

Visiting vs. Masonry

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Visiting other lodges, particularly in different jurisdictions, is wonderful, and I have made it a point to do so whenever opportunity presents itself. But visiting is NOT what Masonry is about and a Mason who never visits a lodge other than his own is NO LESS a Mason than one who has visited thousands.
I find it sad, beyond words, when men who say they have received the Three Degrees of Masonry only think of it in terms of who can visit where. Sad because it seems they have completely missed the whole point.

Masonry is (designed to be) an Initiatic experience, that helps highlight the importance of Morality and Ethics in every aspect of a Mason’s life. What part of that has anything to do with visiting another lodge?

I know many fine, distinguished Masons, from Entered Apprentices to past and present Grand Masters. And we all know of countless more throughout history.
Not one has EVER distinguished himself by visiting another lodge. They ALL have distinguished themselves because of the moral and ethical character they have borne, and how they exemplified their character throughout their lives – in and out of Masonry. You don’t have to visit another lodge – or even sit in your own – to do that, and visiting a lodge (or sitting in your own) does not frequently even give you an opportunity to do that.

My advice to those who say they are Masons but get their underwear all in a twist about who can visit where is to go back to those Three Degrees you received and really study them. Really understand how much of those Degrees are about visiting and how much is about morals and ethics. Maybe that will help.

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