Brother Gene Goldman – Masonic Curriculum Vitae

​​Brother Gene Goldman served as Master of two Masonic Lodges in San Diego, under the Grand Lodge of California.  He was initiated, Passed and Raised in Amity (ne’e Blackmer) Lodge #442, and served as Master in 1993.

He also signed the charter of Black Mountain Masonic Lodge #845 as Senior Warden, and served as Master in 1998.

Brother Gene was awarded the Masonic Brotherhood of the Blue Forget Me Not #387.  For information about this prestigious honor, visit the MBBFMN web site at

He was honored by Black Mountain Lodge to receive the Hiram Award, presented by the Grand Lodge of California.

He has spoken at lodges throughout the Grand Lodge of California, as well as other jurisdictions, on a variety of topics. Brother Gene has also served as a Trustee for the Institute for Masonic Studies, and on a variety of Grand Lodge committees, including Public Relations, Masonic Education, Officers’ Management Workshops, Mentoring, and Lodge Ambassador, all by request of a succession of Grand Masters for decades.

Brother Gene writes a blog regarding Masonry, which can be found at, and has also written articles for the Short Talk Bulletin, many Internet and Usenet venues, and maintains a website library at

He lives with his wife and children in San Diego, Ca.


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