July 20, 2017

What’s really important?

Posted in Freemasonry at 2:32 pm by GeneGoldman

I was traveling on business, and since I had a free evening, I decided that it would be nice to visit a lodge while I was there. I made arrangements with the Secretary, and when I arrived he greeted me, looked at my dues card, and invited me to have a seat. He told me that they might open lodge a little late. The Master was coming from work, and he was delayed a little, but on his way.

No problem, I settled into one of those darned theater seats, and waited. After a bit, this guy walks in, with a three-day growth of unshaven beard, dressed in a t-shirt, cut-offs and flip-flops. He shakes a few hands on the way in, and hurriedly approaches the Masters’ Station. No one seemed fazed, but I was a little puzzled.

The guy puts on the Master’s apron, jewel and hat, picks up the gavel and starts to open the meeting. I had to admit that the meeting was so well conducted that I almost forgot about the way he was dressed.

After we closed, the Secretary came up to me and apologised for not letting me know that the Master was an under-cover cop, and usually came to lodge directly from his assignment (whatever it was), and they never knew what he would look like. But he was such a great leader, and such an inspiration to the members at how he lived and breathed Masonry, that they just didn’t care what he was wearing.

After all, we tell ourselves that it is the *internal* and NOT the *external* characteristics that mattered, right? I guess that lodge did more than pay lip service to that. They lived it. They figured out what was really important.


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  1. Tim Gatewood said,

    Great example for others. Live the values! Show them to the world. Don’t be a useless prattle. If the values matter, behave as if they do.

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